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Kylie Jenner poses for photos at the Met Gala in 2017

7 Kylie Jenner Snapchats That Shocked the World

When it comes to celebrities on Snapchat, Kylie Jenner is uber-famous on the platform. I mean the girl is a superstar in general, however her account is where she shocks us the most. Here are some of the most insane moments from her Snapchat story that were essentially life changing:

  1. "When We've Been Best Friends the Whole Time…"

    One of the biggest controversies surrounding the Kardashian/Jenner clan centered around rapper Tyga and his ex Black Chyna. Kylie had been in - and arguably is still in - an on-again-off-again relationship with the rapper who had a baby with Chyna. All was fine and dandy until Rob Kardashian started dating Chyna.

    This caused some serious tension between family members and rumors began to fly about how badly the two women involved hated one another. While the situation ended up devolving into a total mess, Kylie shocked her fans when she said that she and Chyna had indeed been friends the whole time.

    The girl posted a mirror selfie of the two of them with the caption "When we've been best friends the whole time…" Whether you believe that to be true in the first place - or continue to think it's true after all the drama with Rob releasing revenge nudes and the cancelling of their reality show - it definitely left the fans of the Kardashian/Jenner shooketh.

  2. When Freddy Krueger Made a Guest Apperance

    Usually celebrities are the ones making guest apperances in her Snapchats… but one of the biggest mysteries that has surrounded Kylie's snapchat lately was the alleged appearance of a Freddy Krueger in the background of one of her snaps. Kylie Jenner was showing off the mirrored walls in her closet when a shadowy figure seemed to be lurking behind her.

    A lot of her fans were mildly concerned for the makeup guru's wellbeing. While some of her following started developing wild conspiracy theories.

    But the question remains… does Freddy Krueger live in Kylie Jenner's closet? Was it just one of her sister's in an extremely wide-brimmed hat? The world may never know.

  3. When She Keeps Teasing the Public by Not Addressing Pregnancy Rumors

    Regardless of how you feel about the Kardashian/Jenner clan, you have to admit that they handle their public image. Pregnancy rumors have been flying specifically concerning Kylie and her older sister Khloe. However, it seems that the two are holding out when it comes to addressing the pregnancy rumors publically.

    Many people think that they are doing this to boost numbers for their upcoming season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Their strategy very well might be working.

    Both Khloe and Kylie have avoided stepping out in public in clothing that is particularly tight around the midsection. They're leaving everything up guesswork, and the paparazzi are having a field day with it. Every other day, it seems like different magazines are coming out with stories confirming that Kylie is pregnant or not pregnant.

    Either way, Kylie is keeping her snapchat baby-bump free (if there is even a bump to show). She has posted in leggings and sports bras, but the athleisure clothing has always been high waisted.

    Her fan base will probably have to wait until the next season of Keeping Up WIth the Kardashians to find out if the sisters are indeed pregnant. However, they should keep their eyes glued to her Snapchat as the sisters have revealed juicer gossip on their respective accounts in the past.

  4. When She Posted a Pic of Matching Watches with Tyga Even Though They Weren't Officially Together

    Kylie's relationship status is always a subject of public interest. Her romance with Tyga over the past couple of years has been especially rocky - now even more so with Rob and Chyna being a part of the drama as well.

    Fans can usually rely on Kylie's snapchat for clues as to whether or not the star is with the rapper or not. Kylie has never been shy about posting photos and videos that hint that they're together when the public thinks they're broken up.

    She posted a photo of the two of them with matching watches that made her following go wild. It could have been any guy's wrist except the rapper has some pretty distinctive tattoos.

    It's totally unfair how she leaves us with zero ideas of who she's dating or if she'll ever officially get back with Tyga. However, her fans can always rely on her Snapchat to gain some - no matter how little - insight into the superstar's love life.

  5. The Shocking Amount of Food She Posts

    The first thing you think of when you hear "Kardashian" - aside from Ray-J - is probably "booty." This gene certainly did not miss the Jenner sisters. Kylie is known not only for her lips but her body as well. This girl has made a name for herself out of her famous curves — which she shows off in plenty of sexy snaps . However, if you look at her Snapchat, it might surprise you how much food this girl actually consumes!

    If Kylie isn't posting about her relationship or shenanigans with her sisters or best friend, she's probably posting about food. And you best believe this girl is eating well.

    Like any 20-year-old, Jenner is obsessed with guacamole and junk food. This girl clearly has good taste when it comes to snacking. The girl is constantly posting her meals. Whether she's at the best sushi spot in Calabasses or making a late night In-and-Out run, you best believe her followers know what she's eating.

    What continues to baffle her fan base is how she stays so thin! Maybe she should start posting her workouts as well so we can get some inspiration.

  6. All the Kylie Cosmetics Reveals

    If you are even remotely into makeup, you know that Kylie has slowly taken over the beauty world with Kyle Cosmetics. It all started when she decided to capitalize on her lips and start making liquid lipstick. After some controversy over stolen formulas and shoddy packaging, her cosmetics line has been doing astoundingly well.

    Her store sells out almost instantly when she releases new and limited edition shades. How do people know when to shop?… by keeping up with her Snapchat of course!

    If you want even a tiny percent of a chance of getting your hands on new Kylie Lip kits, you must follow her on Snapchat for updates.

  7. Not to Mention the Kylie Shop Reveals!

    Kylie is slowly cornering the entire fashion and beauty market. She also moved to release clothing - which of course she announced on Snapchat! It's no secret that this girl is a fashion idol, so naturally, she shocked everyone when she decided to put out her own line! PacSun better watch out!