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Girl takes a sexual snapchat of herself in black lingerie.

3 Snapchat Tricks That Will Take Your Snaps to the Next Level

Snapchatting has not only become one of the chief ways people communicate in general, but it's one of the most popular ways people get their flirt on. Why would you text bae when you can make things infinitely more interesting by sending a snap?

But just like there is a secret to successful flirting via text, it does take some skills to master Snapchat flirting.

One of the biggest mistakes people tend to make is that they use Snapchat like it's iMessage. The point of Snapchat is to send photos and videos… so just like you shouldn't send a boring text, you shouldn't send a boring photo.

Your snaps can take a flirtationship to an entirely new level… if you snap both strategically and flirtatiously by using the following 3 tips, you'll easily take your snap game from a 0 to a solid 10/10.

Keep reading to discover how to take your snaps to an entirely different level.

  1. Know What They Want

    Half the battle is figuring out what the object of your affection wants. You need to be able to read them to understand what they're looking for. Hundreds of thousands of men have proven to be completely inept at reading women well; this is one of the reasons that women all over the world are the unfortunate recipients of unwanted dick pics.

    So men, you might want to pay more attention to this tip… make sure you're sending the kind of snap that the recipient will actually want to receive!

    You need to be able to figure out what kind of mood bae is in before you send a snap. So pay attention to their story or what they previously sent to you. For instance, if you want to send a sexy snap to make sure that they aren't with their parents, around children, or - this may or may not has happened to me - at church.

    Sending the wrong kind of snap will not only make you both instantaneously uncomfortable, but it could put them in some awkward situations… The last thing they need is their boss peeking over their shoulder at the wrong time or their young nephew accidentally opening your snap when they were just trying to play Candy Crush.

    So pay attention to what they're doing at the time. If you want to say something sexy while they're at work in order to create some tension for later (which is a pro move), make sure whatever you send isn't too over the top but isn't too subtle to where they might not get the message.

    Try your best to gauge if they're in a sexual or innocently flirty kind of mood, or if they might need some cheering up, and then decide what to send.

    Oh, and guys. Unless she specifically asks for a dick pic or is sending you entirely naked snaps just assume she doesn't want to see your erection. If anything a gray-sweatpants-outline is toeing the line of what is just barely acceptable. Just keep the dick pics to the minimum, okay?

  2. Anytime You're Feelin' Cute, Share the Wealth

    The best way to encourage flirting is to make your presence known on social media. That being said, this means that you need to post and post often. Don't let anyone forget about you, post every day if you can.

    The thing with Snapchat is that it's not only perfectly acceptable to post every day. Unlike sites like Instagram where you might look conceited for clogging your friend's timelines with selfie after selfie, you can document your entire day on your story without any judgment.

    Additionally, people usually like getting direct Snapchats from other users! Regardless of what the snap is of, they still feel a little jolt of dopamine when they get the notification that you snapped them.

    So when you're trying to flirt on snapchat, it doesn't really matter what you take photos of so long as you can generate a conversation. Your story should feature highlights of your day along with a selfie or two! Anytime you're feelin' yourself, take a photo of it and post it to your story! After a few minute or an hour, take a peak at who's watched your story. This will give you a good idea of who's keeping up on what you're doing (or gives you an idea of who is obsessed with watching everyone's Snapchat stories all the way through).

    If you're trying to attract the attention of someone in particular, be strategic about what you post. If you know they like a particular outfit of yours, make sure you post a story wearing that. If you know they frequent a certain bar, post on your story anytime you're there (and make sure to geotag it!). Strategically posting stories like this will increase the chance of them snapping you directly, which opens up communication between the two of you!

    Or send a selfie to a few people if you have a something clever to say as a caption. Even if it might seem like a mass-Snapchat, it might very well generate conversation. Who doesn't like to get a cute selfie from someone they like!?

  3. Censor Yourself

    This tip is for those who have met the sexy Snapchat milestone in their flirtationship. By no means should you go sending nearly naked snaps of yourself to just anyone (guys, remember what we said about dick pics?).

    Whether you're trying to build sexual tension for later or treating your partner to a sexy pic, you should definitely be using the Snapchat features to your advantage.

    Due to the sticker features and the ability to motion track text aswell as images, it's only natural to use these to your advantage and be a tease. Because who doesn't like a good tease? I mean anticipation is half the fun.

    So instead of sending a full-on nude censor yourself! Tack emojis onto your naughty bits or use motion tracked stickers as an impromptu censor bar in a cheeky video. Send a censored pic and flirtatiously ask what they'd be willing to do for you to see the XXX-rated version of the image.

    Have fun with it! And don't let the text features go to waste. Be flirty and don't be afraid to talk dirty!