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Sexy, nude blonde woman lies in the hundreds of dollars she made sexting on Snapchat

Snapchat Sex Sells - How Snapchat Became a Social Sex Network

Instead of trolling around on RedTube for hours for that one specific video or something you're in the mood for, why wouldn't you just open up your Snapchat?

Snapchat has risen as one of the most prominent social media platforms, though it might come to your surprise to learn that it has also become one of the leading platforms for adult content. Or, it might not come to your surprise at all!

Allow me to explain: both pornstars and girl-next-door's alike have taken to Snapchat to make more than a little money by showing a little skin. Girls create exclusive Snapchat accounts where people can "subscribe" to see their sensual story for either a one-time or monthly payment.

This practice has lead to both a boom in Snapchat use but also is an interesting phenomenon as this is one of the first times a mainstream social media app has been used for paywalled adult entertainment without outright violating the app's guidelines. Yes, Snapchat banned explicit sexual content on public Snapchat stories… but not their private ones.

This has lead to everyone from AVN recognized starlets to seemingly random cute girls making exclusive Snapchat accounts. And with that, they're often making some serious cash.

So how did Snapchat become one of the choice porn networks? Wonder no more.

  • Multiple, Reliable Revenue Streams

    One of the chief reasons women choose to post their homemade porn on Snapchat for profit is because it allows them to have a lucrative side hustle.

    Whether it's a pornstar or an average girl making these accounts, they are doing other work aside from this. Pornstars choose to supplement their income by making these accounts. There is a serious interest in private, exclusive snapchat accounts, especially for pornstars. Their fans want to be updated on what their fave starlet is doing on a day to day basis which is something a lot of men are willing to pay cold-hard-cash for… whereas they're less willing to pay for a film of which they can probably find a pirated version of for free.

    In many ways, the abundance of free porn has driven pornstars to make paywalled content and has driven their fans to actually pay to see it. This way they can bolster their income by showing an exclusive look at their lives - which often include behind the scenes looks at what they're doing on set. This can definitely build some anticipating for the film (which might mean people will actually pay to see it!).

    As far as amateur girls go, they get into exclusive snapping because it's an easy and virtually consequence-free way to delve into a form of sex work. Thanks to Snapchat, they have the freedom to make extra money from the comfort of their own bedrooms. They don't need to break into the porn industry, and they don't need to deal with any complications in their personal life that might come with doing porn. They can essentially keep their whole sexual side-hustle a secret.

    A lot of these women choose to never even show their face to their subscribers! And they still make pretty good money off of their endeavors. They can keep their current job and not have to sacrifice much time or effort to dabble in porn.

  • Freedom to Work When, Where, and How Often You Want

    There is nothing like being your own boss!

    One of the most difficult things about working is juggling the rest of your life with long hours. Sometimes getting a second job is impossible because your first job is much too demanding. However, working via Snapchat can really solve some of these problems.

    Since most people are almost never without their phone, making cash via social media - more specifically via Snapchat - allows people to work literally anywhere and at any time. You can basically snapchat from anywhere, so you can work anywhere at any time of day. This means you can work seriously odd hours and no one is going to complain.

    This also feeds into why people are interested in looking at this kind of content. If you're posting as you're going about your day, your followers will feel more connected with you and your personal life - which will keep them coming back for more. It doesn't matter how much time you spend posting or what time you choose to do it at, especially because the content will be up for 25 hours!

    Speaking of time… Making money with Snapchat means you can work however often you want! Since you're your own boss, you can post however often you want. So if you're not in the mood to post or to try to promote your private Snapchat, you don't have to! You can put in hours however often as you like.

    A lot of women enjoy the flexibility that comes with working on Snapchat, which is why it makes such a great side hustle for both busy pornstars and busy women in other industries.

    You can choose to even make a full-on career out of it by branching over into webcamming or Skyping for money. But the beauty of it is that you don't have to go that far into making amateur porn if you don't want to. You can choose to get involved minimally through Snapchat or go balls-deep into the social sex network that is Snapchat.

  • Both Parties Love It!

    Both the women working as Snapchat models and the people watching absolutely love using the platform for adult entertainment because the inherent interactive, discrete, and fun qualities of Snapchat.

    For the viewer, they can keep their Google search history relatively clean while still watching some serious wank-bank worthy content. They can DM their favorite Snapchat girl and often actually get a response back!

    They can choose to stick to just the snapchat side of everything or get the full experience from a woman who cams or chargers for private shows.

    Plus, following your favorite pornstar's snapchat story or camgirl on snap allows you to feel more connected to them - which is something that is very appealing to viewers.

    For the women who make this content, they love it because they can choose to just make a sexy Snapchat story… or they can make more money by charging for DMS or private shows. Plus, a lot of girls get off on dabbling in some exhibitionist activities while maintaining whatever level of anonymity they desire.

    All around, Snapchat has always been prime for adult content. It was only a matter of time before people caught on.