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Rihanna poses for photographs at the 2017 diamond ball

7 Snaps from Rihanna’s Snapchat That Shocked Us

Out of all the celebrity Snapchat accounts, Rhianna's is definitely one of the most exciting and pure. She makes sure to keep her followers updated with selfies, Fenty Beauty updates, and cute moments between her and her friends. Here are some of the most shocking moments that came from Rhi-Rhi's Snapchat:

  1. Pics from Her Dhabi Show

    The UAE, while making some social progress, is still a country with one of the most strict and interesting governments on the planet. Rhianna headlined the Abu Dhabi F1 after race event, known as Yasalm.

    Not only did she headline the event, but she shared photos from behind the scenes on her Snapchat. It seemed that one of her friends or members of her entourage was taking the photos, but none-the-less it was still interesting to gain some insight into what meeting Rihanna would actually be like.

    She shared images of her meeting and greeting fans, some of which dressed in traditional Saudi garb.

    It was really interesting for such a feminist icon to be performing in a country where women are only recently allowed to drive. However, this was a big step forward for both the country and the artist.

    It was also confirmed earlier this year that Rhi-Rhi is romantically involved with a rich man from Dhabi… maybe this is where she met him!

  2. Post-FentyxPuma Fashion Show

    Rhianna has branched out from where she started in music. Now it seems that she has her hands in a lot of different industries. Not only has she branched out into cosmetics with her Fenty Beauty line - which has received amazing reviews - but she has also has delved into fashion with her collaboration with Puma.

    Athleisure is influencing both street style and high fashion, so it only makes sense that a trendsetter like Rhianna would create a line centered around this trend.

    During her fashion show earlier this year, she along with a member of her crew filmed backstage. It was super interesting to see what backstage looked like during the show. It was also great for fans to see her come off the stage after walking down the runway after her collection. She was clearly ecstatic with what she'd put forth into the fashion world, and those who support her felt just as proud of their idol.

  3. Twerking After Her Vma's Acceptance Speech (And After She Swerved Drake)

    One of the biggest moments from the 2016 VMA's was Rhianna's various performances and Video Vanguard Award acceptance. Rhianna went through some of her most iconic videos and reenacted her signature aesthetic on stage for the audience.

    After she went through her discography and through all of her performances, it was finally time for her to accept her award. Rapper Drake was the presenter. His speech was… interesting, needless to say.

    Much to Rhianna's visible discomfort, Drake announced that he'd been in love with her since he was 22 years old. Rhianna's face at this point was absolutely priceless. After the rest of his speech which wasn't nearly as uncomfortable as his first statement, he made it weird again and tried to kiss her. She curved him so hard that it left the whole world shooketh.

    Moments after she curved Drake and finished her acceptance speech she journeyed backstage where, whoever had her phone, captured a moment of pure joy as she twerked in victory.

  4. "I Look White!"

    One of the funniest - and somewhat cringe - moments that have come out of Rhi's Snapchat account was the moment where a filter made her look a little white.

    She and one of her friends were fooling around with the filters on Snapchat when the used one that seemingly lightened the tones in the image. Her friend said something about trying to find the good light, after which Rhianna exclaimed that she looked white!

    Especially during a time when racial tensions are drawn tight due to politics and world events, this joke really helped relieve some of that tension. However, it did bring to light how Snapchat has also made some missteps when it comes to their filters. The received a lot of hate for their Bob Marley filter in the past. A lot of their filters which are clearly meant to gloss over skin imperfections to make the subject look glowy, also lighten the image a little bit.

    Maybe this will cause a change for Snapchat. Maybe they'll be able to figure out a way to keep their glowy filters from lightening skin tones.

  5. Anytime She Thinks It's a Photo and It's Actualy a Video…

    I'm envious of Rhi's entourage. Her friends seem like such fun women to be around! They're always laughing and joking around; it honestly brightens my day to open my Snapchat and see what they're up to.

    One practical joke that is a favorite of the group is filming Rhianna and telling her it's a picture when it's, in fact, a video. There is something so pure and carefree about when she gets caught thinking its a picture.

    And this happens often! There are whole compilations online that people have made from Rhianna's Snapchats that are just of her getting caught thinking a video is a picture. This joke is clearly always a winner with these women. And honestly, I hope they keep it up; they're some of my favorite unfiltered Rhianna moments.

  6. When She Gave the World a Sneak Peak of the "Work" Video

    Rhianna has always embraced her roots, but with her most recent album, she truly looked back to her home country for inspiration. She took elements from the dancehall culture and brought them to the mainstream, and people loved it. "Work" was actually the first dancehall song since Sean Paul's "Temperature" to dominate the Billboard Top 100.

    But the only thing better than "Work"… was the video… So naturally, when Rhianna gave her fans a sneak peek of the video on her snapchat, we lost our minds.

    And she didn't disappoint. The "Work" music video is a fucking masterpiece.

  7. Her Carnival Snaps

    Is there anything more Carribean than Carnival?

    Mardi Gra does not compare to the time Rhianna has at Carnival every year. And thankfully she Snapchats all the fun she has. And those snaps never dissapoint, Rhianna's sexy snaps from Carnival are more than drool worthy.

    The feathers, the music, the glitter. Everything is glamorous and wild, just like Rhianna herself.