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SnapSex Review - Read This Before Signing Up

With hundreds of thousands of dating sites online, it's no secret that they all aren't created equal.

Dating sites are scary enough as you're putting your whole self out there online, but Hookup and casual sex sites are usually the ones that are more hit or miss. Looking for sex online is always scary — especially with all the catfish in the proverbial pond that is the internet. But there are sites that actually do have your best interest in mind. However, there are plenty of sites that are just looking to scam you out of your money.

Even if you are the most experienced internet crawler or have plenty of experience with sexting with strangers, it's always scary when you decide to look for another site.

Sometimes it's hard to tell which ones you can trust and which you can't. Some sites try to copy the look and message of successful legitimate sites in an effort to trick you, which only makes your life infinitely harder.

The question remains: what kind of site is SnapSex.co?

Let me break it down for you:

  1. Snapsext vs Snapsex

    One thing I noticed immediately was that their URL was oddly similar to another frequently visited hookup site: Snapsext.com

    From first glance, it's clear to tell which site is more religiously updated. When it comes to website trustworthy-ness, you should take notice of how new the site looks. Snapsext is clearly stuck in the early 2000's while Snapsex's site has obviously been recently updated. This proves that not only are the people behind Snapsex more design savvy but they are very attentive to their website. A site with more attentive owners is also more likely to have better user support and updated services.

    It could be argued that one of the sites could be trying to mooch off the other's traffic as the URLs are extremely similar. Even if that is the case, it's clearly a great strategy to drive traffic to the site.

    Additionally, the URL and site name point directly to what you'll be getting from the site: sexy snapchats. There's no beating around the bush there!

  2. Snapcode Upon Loading

    As soon as you enter the site, you're greeted with a popup stating that some wildly hot blonde named Baily Bae wants to snap with you.

    Despite the fact that this is clearly not your sexting-soul-mate randomly reaching out to you through the internet and it's generated by the site, the fact that a Snapcode is included speaks volumes.

    The most important thing about this Snapcode is that it's real. If you add the Snapcode, you'll add a snapchat story that has plenty of female nudity on it. At first, the Snapcode didn't work for me because my computer loaded the page weird, but after refreshing, I was able to add the account on Snapchat.

    By offering Snap story that is 100% real, the people at Snaps are proving that they mean business.

    If they're willing to give that away for free and without a sign-up, imagine what sexy stuff awaits once you make an account.

  3. Privacy Is Paramount

    I think that everyone can agree that they want privacy when it comes to their sex life. One theme that is repeated over and over on the site's homepage is that they are interested in keeping everything private.

    The goal of their site is to not only create a discrete app where people feel comfortable sharing their nudes without the fear of screenshotting and embarrassment. Secondly, they want to keep you from accidentally posting or sending to the wrong recipient. Anyone who has participated in their fair share of sexting knows that the danger of sending to the wrong person is real and terrifying. The shame that follows is pretty close to the worst feeling in the world.

    Snaps offer you a way to sext where you don't have to worry about either of those things.

    Privacy is usually one of the biggest things people worry about when they're using casual sex apps. Being on a dating app or site is more commonplace now and doesn't illicitly shame or any explanation if anyone was to find out. However, if you're found on a casual sex site by your peers, then you're going to have a lot of explaining to do. By using a site which values privacy and discretion above all else, you can relax and be at ease knowing your nudes are safe.

    If you don't take their user testimonials or their front page for face value, click on through to their Privacy Policy page (you can find the link easily by scrolling to the bottom). On that page, the site features their lengthy privacy policy which spares no detail. They outline what they do with your personal data and activity. Since when you sign up for any online service, you're leaving your information in the hands of the service provider. When the owners of a site decide to list outright their privacy policy you can be sure that they're upfront and honest with you about how they're going to handle themselves and — more importantly — your information.

    So with this site, not only are your nudes safe so is your slightly less sexy personal information.

When it comes down to it, Snaps is a site that you can trust with both your nudes and your personal information. This isn't the kind of site that is looking to sell your information or has shoddy security. They aren't trying to fool you into spending money on nudes that will never come — as everything is free.

Sure, you're not going to find love on this site, but then again they're very clear about that halfway down the page (and let's be honest, if you're searching around for Snapchat sex you're probably not looking for love anyway)! Leave love to Match.com. If you're looking for a casual and discrete way to exchange nudes which might potentially lead to a hookup, then this is the site for you.