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Ariana Grande poses for photos at the Grammy Awards

5 Unexpected Things We Learned from Ariana Grande’s Snapchat

Ariana Grande is easily one of the most recognizable names in pop music. Nikki Minaj said it herself on her track with Grande "Side to Side" that she was that queen of rap, but Ariana runs pop.

Ariana has always stayed very well connected with her fan base; she clearly strives to maintain a strong relationship with her fans and Snapchat is one of the ways she does that. Her Snaps range from cute and sexy selfies to revealing personal information about her life to teasing new music.

With how transparent this popstar is, we've learned a lot of unexpected thing from her Snapchat over the years. Here are some of the most unexpected tidbits of information we've learned from her snaps!

  1. High Heels Heal Ankle Injuries?

    More recently, Ariana posted a photo of her ankle in a brace while in the back of a car. The caption said something about having been caught by paparazzi looking less than great, but her fans instantaneously were worried that the star was badly hurt.

    After she realized that she had freaked her fans out, she took back to her Snapchat account to assure them that everything was fine. Whatever she did to her ankle was far from serious and that she was not hurt at all - at the most, her ego was just a little bruised from being photographed when she wasn't looking her best.

    The must surprising part about this whole anecdote is that she claimed that her ankle felt a whole lot better when she put heels on! Who would have thought the best way to fix a hurt ankle was to throw on a pair of high heels? Or maybe that only works for pop divas.

  2. How Much She Loves the Deer Filter

    If there is one thing on Ariana Grande loves more than licking donuts, it's the deer filter.

    With the cute dog filter coming in a close second, Ariana is obsessed with the deer filter. It's super cute, and she puts it on plenty of her photos every time the filter resurfaces. It definitely takes her snaps to the next level of cute.

    You have to wonder what the star would do if that deer filter never came around again…

  3. How Much Snapchat Is a Fan of Her When She Got Her Own Filter!

    Not only is she a fan of Snapchat and it's various cute animal themed filters, but Snapchat is also a fan of her! To promote her album release Snapchat decided to release a filter for a limited time that featured her signature bunny mask. The filter allowed her fans to live their fantasy of being as glamorous as the star herself.

    Grande was a frequent user of the filters and as were her fans. Sadly the filter was retired after the album had been out for a while, but it will always be remembered as one of the sexiest and cutest filters to ever grace a phone screen.

  4. How She Hates When People Make Excuses for Their Selfies…

    Ariana has been quick to top the charts, just as she's always been the first to critique societal conventions… She's called out everyone from sexist interviewers, to institutionalized misogyny, and even took to Snapchat to address an even more pressing concern: selfies.

    It bothers that star that people always feel like they need to add context to their beliefs. Like when someone is laying in bed with a full face of makeup on, why caption it "just laying around"?

    I agree with the star on this one. Just own your selfie-taking habits! When you're feelin', yourself don't feel like you have to make an excuse for your cute ass selfie!

  5. How Sexy Her "Dangerous Woman" Album Was Truely Going to Be

    Before the release of her latest album, Grande gave her fans a sneak peak. Before Dangerous Woman was one of the most anticipated releases of 2016, she took to her snapchat to tease a little bit.

    Grande snapped several clips of the sensual sounding songs off the album which featured her signature sultry voice and flawless runs. She teased these tracks while the camera was focused on color changing lights in what looked like a studio. You couldn't even see her in these vids but her voice alone was enough for these to be extremely sexy snaps. As expected, her fans went wild, and this only increased the anticipation for her next album - which is arguably her sexiest release.

  6. How Badly the Manchester Incident Effected Her

    If you follow this singer at all - or even remotely pay attention to the news or to social media - you know about the horrific terrorist attack that took place after Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester. As people were leaving the venue a man detonated a homemade bomb which killed himself and twenty-two, other people. Some of the people who were killed where girls were attending their very first live music events. The terrorist was an Islamic extremest.

    Ariana took to Snapchat to apologize for the event. The videos she took of herself were of her crying and apologizing, saying that the whole incident was her fault when she wasn't responsible at all.

    Instead of being paralyzed by fear or responding with silence, Grande responded with action. In June, she hosted a benefit concert in Manchester called "One Love Manchester." She offered free tickets to those where were at the show that was attacked and in total she raised 10 million pounds to for the victims of the attack.

    We caught a glimpse into how this atrocity truly affected the star. And the best part is that her young fans got to see someone they look up to raise up against adversity even when faced with fear.

  7. How Her and Mac Miller Are #RelationshipGoals

    One of the best parts about following Ariana on Snapchat is that you gain an insight into her love lives with Mac Miller. Ever since the two starred together in Grande's "The Way" video, their fans have been obsessed with their relationship.

    On Snapchat you can get an idea of how sweet these two are on one another. They're extremely affectionate and total Bae Goals.