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Girl smiles down at her phone as she gets a cute snapchat from her bae.

Here's Why Snapchat Is Actually the Best Dating App

Sure, I understand the allure of dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. Especially because it feels like the best way to both meet someone and stay in contact. But when it comes to communication, these apps are seriously lacking. Yes, they have chat features, but they pale in comparison to what other apps, such as Snapchat, offer.

While Snapchat might not match you with random people in your area, it can sure help you take existing but unnurtured connections and your flirting to the next level.

To be honest, Snapchat is easily the best app you can possibly use to further your dating endeavors. Though you might have to make a lot of the initial moves yourself - or let a matching type dating app do that for you - you can use Snapchat's features to get your flirt on in a super efficient way.

Almost every feature from stories, to chatting, to their basic photo exchanging feature screams flirtatiousness.

Here are a few reasons why, believe it or not, Snapchat is truly the ultimate dating app.

  • Express Yourself, with Your Expression

    One of the major flaws with texting - and communicating via most apps like Tinder and Bumble - is that you have literally no context for the words you're reading

    This can be super dangerous when it comes to flirting - my sarcastic friends know the struggle - because god-forbid they read your text as mean or overly suggestive. It's tricky to get your words right so that there is no room for misinterpretation. I understand that Tinder and Bumble limit photo messaging due to the inevitable chance that unsolicited dick pics would fly, but the lack of photo messaging ultimately hurts them when they're trying to facilitate flirting.

    With Snapchat you totally risk the chance you'll get a dick pic flung your way, but you can use your expression or the tone of your voice in a video message to make sure your message doesn't get misinterpreted!

    Not only does photo messaging allow you to use your expression to provide context for your flirty messages, but whoever's on the other end of that message gets to see your pretty face while you're at it!

  • Thirst Is Not Just Okay, It's Almost Encouraged

    One thing that keeps people from communicating from their crush is the fear of coming off too thirsty! But Snapchat straight up encourages thirst.

    The app encourages you to selfie your night away and "show some love" to the people you haven't snapped in a while. You're allowed and expected to be a little thirsty on Snapchat.

    Filters help remove the fear of sending a thirsty Snap as you literally have a mask to hide behind - whether it be the cute dog filter or something entirely goofier.

    Don't fear the thirst, fully embrace it. And remember: with photo messaging, comes great responsibility… so don't go around sending dick pics all willy-nilly.

  • There's Something About Dissapearing Pics That Makes You Feel Teased

    Are you a tease? Good. Then Snapchat is definitely the perfect kind of app for your dating life. There is nothing like a good tease to make them come back for more.

    The fact that your images disappear after 10 seconds (or 20 if the recipient didn't get enough the first time and just had to hit replay) and your stories vanish forever after 24 hours, not only creates a sense of privacy… but it totally allows you to tease your partner.

    If you really want to mount some tension, you should definitely add that cutey on Snapchat. While you can mull over what to send in response to a text forever, you only have around 10-20 seconds to fully soak in a single Snapchat. This creates a sense of urgency and heightens the excitement that comes with corresponding with one another.

    Plus, you can use your story as a longer-lasting display of your flirtatiousness with a cheeky selfie that maybe hints at your plans for the night or as a total thirst trap meant for one person's attention.

    While you might want to save that cute message forever as a text, savor the flirtatious tease that comes with Snapchatting as opposed to texting.

  • Instant Gratification

    Regarding instant gratification, Snapchat's developers are masters. Not only do you get notifications when you receive a message, but you get notifications when they're typing. Plus, you can see when they are looking in the chat thanks to that little blue dot (or for you Bitmogi users, their Bitmogi creeps in the corner).

    You can see when they opened their message and if they decided to save something in the chat. With texting, you aren't nearly as aware of what your partner is doing at the exact moment you're talking. Snapchat gives you insight into what they're doing, which might help you better gauge what they're thinking thus upping your game.

    Plus, there is nothing like actually seeing the person's face with whom you're speaking. It adds a level of intimacy that you don't necessarily get with texting, as sending selfie after selfie isn't usually considered acceptable on any other platform aside from Snapchat.

  • Choose to Stay Innocent and Flirty or Throw Caution to the Wind and Get Raunchy

    While Snpachat is inherently flirty, you can use it for some less than PG-13 intentions.

    But you can choose just how filthy you want to get! You can continue to tease by turning up the heat and then returning to acting like an angel, or you can fully embrace sending nude Snapchats knowing that the photos will disappear forever or be screenshotting (but not without you knowing).

    This really helps you make both an emotional and sexually charged connection, which is crucial for a successful relationship in it's developing stages.

Regardless of whether you're a social media fiend or if you don't care for communicating via apps, Snapchat can definitely help with your dating game. The app is inherently flirty and can seriously help you grow connections with people in ways other dating apps simply can't. So instead of communicating via Tinder messaging or iMessage, add them on Snap and see where things go from there!