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Here’s 7 reasons why you should stick to Snapchat when it comes to sexting.

Sexting is almost completely synonymous with Snapchat Sexting, because why would you ever send your nudes via text again when Snapchat is much more fun? It’s much more private and emojis are involved… amongst other things.

  • 1. Tease with the timer…

    One of the best parts about Snapchat – whether you believe it or not – is that the photos disappear. While you may want to stare at a photo or watch a video again after the one allotted replay, part of Snapchat’s inherent beauty is that you can’t. Why? Because Snapchat turns everyone into a tease.

    Because you can’t watch videos over again, and because you can only look at a picture for a max of 10 seconds, you and your sexting partner tease one another back and forth. And that’s the best part about sex – in this case, sexting – half the time isn’t it? The teasing. Don’t be afraid to set your timer limits to less than 10 seconds. And don’t be afraid to take short videos on Snapchat. This way you can tease the hell out of your partner because it’s no fun if there’s no tension.

    If you absolutely need to see a video again ask if they happened to save their video (because believe me, a lot of girls save their best nudes for self-gratification purposes). Or if you’ve already talked about it already and it’s okay, screenshot it. But only do this if you’ve already talked about it, or you might risk seriously pissing off your Snapchat lover.

  • 2. You can replay their best moments

    This works the best when you follow dirty Snapchat accounts who post on their stories. Once you find a girl who does this, you’ll be amazed at what they post on their stories. And with stories, you can re-watch them as many times as you want. Their Snapchat story almost becomes a highlight reel or a compilation video of the best parts of a porn. Because we all know we’d rather skip the shitty acting and get straight to the good stuff. And if you have a lady friend who’s sending you sexy snaps, you can watch that moment over at least once more. If you’re lucky maybe she’ll set her videos on looping or her photo timer to unlimited. But that’s only if you’re lucky. If not you’ll be happy you can at least relive one of her sexy moments at least once.

  • 3. Censor yourself… or don’t

    Again, one of the best parts about Snapchat is how much of a gosh darn tease you can be on it. Consider Emojis as new and improved sensor bars. When you’re sexting, you’re going to want to build that tension to a peak and part of doing that can include using Emojis to censor yourself. You can also use the drawing feature to accomplish the same thing! Or you could choose to bare all. Emojis, filters, and the drawing feature can be used to create some hilariously artful Snapchat nudes. Let your filthy imagination run wild!

  • 4. Better than porn, because it’s porn made for you

    A lot of people will respond to getting asked for nudes with “Why? There’s free porn on the internet?” But what these people don’t understand is that nudes are better than porn, because it’s personal porn. I mean yes, everyone loves RedTube and it has its place for taking care of morning wood or during dry spells. But Snapchat nudes are much better masturbation material.The only thing sexier than watching the hottest porn stars in the biz get naked is watching someone you know get naked just for you. Plus, you can ask your partner to do particular things for you that you find especially sexy. And – like I mentioned before – you don’t have to deal with any shitty acting!

  • 5. Talk dirty

    A lot of people completely neglect the voice memo feature on Snapchat or forget that their dirty Snap videos can have sound. When you’re snap sexting you need to make sure you’re not completely forgetting that the person on the other side of your iPhone can hear what you’re doing too!

    Don’t be afraid to say something filthy while you’re sending sexy snaps. Being able to hear you moan or what you want to do to them, will make your partner insanely horny. If you feel too shy about talking dirty to give it a try, use the text feature. If you don’t want to say what you’re thinking out loud, type it! This way you’ll be able to really think about what you want to say before you say it and they’ll still get an idea of how turned on you are.

  • 6. Let the tension build…

    Like I said a few times before, Snapchat was created to tease. Use this to your advantage.Start building tension for a date later on in the evening. Messaging a fuck buddy from a different city? Start some steamy conversation a few weeks before you’re back in their area code. In a long-distance relationship? Keep the spark alive with some sexy pics. Use Snapchat to let the tension build up to when you’re actually going to see your lover in person and then let it erupt once you’re together.

  • 7. … Or don’t

    You could let the tension build… or you could just get to the sexy part. Snapchat has recently introduced a FaceTime-esc feature that is a godsend. This way you don’t have to open Skype or any other apps if you want to take your sexting to straight-up video sex (which is great for when you only have one hand free for your phone… if you know what I mean). And you don’t have to worry about it if your partner is an Android user, because unlike FaceTime you don’t need an iPhone!